The only regular class at the moment is yoga.

The yoga class is currently provided to the University of Edinburgh as part of a lunchtime exercise class scheme.
We are currently a group of people who attend other classes ‘en masse’ with the idea that this encourages people to try some form of exercise with others.  If you find something you love then you may chose to stay attending that class or you can move on with the others.

Personal sessions to sort out problem areas are always welcome.

For more info on any classes or training please get in touch via the face book page ‘Fitnessphilp’


2 thoughts on “Classes

  1. Marlene Carmichael

    Are the yoga classes running at present? If so when and where and how much do they cost. Are they suitable for beginners. Also interested in Zumba. Can I just drop in on Monday nights. Thank you. Marlene

    1. fitnessphilp Post author

      The yoga classes are on but they are for University staff on a wednesday lunch time. The zumba class is on a monday night at liberton kirk halls 7-8pm, you can just drop in. They are £5 for a drop in class. We are also starting a overflow class the first week in June. This is a stretching class which has some dance in it, so not quite so boring as simply going from pose to pose. This will be the same price on a wednesday 7-7.30pm


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